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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Lovely Eggies

You may not have noticed, but Easter is upon us. You wouldn't have guessed, would you? Ahem...Ok so i'm being sarcastic, but seeing as you can't move for hot cross buns, bunnies (not hot cross bunnies, that would be odd) Easter eggs and such, and not wanting to be left out of the Easter hype machine - here comes my contribution:
A downloadable freebie* adapted from a card design I did a couple of years back, to use (or not) for/on whatever you see fit - screensavers, cards and the such like.

I'm gonna make this really easy for you, so that if for some reason you can't just drag the image straight from this blog then drop me a message (lucy@lucyshappyplace.com) and i'll email it to you.

Like many of you I imagine, this weekend will involve a trip to visit family (in-laws actually), so as i won't be here to post on Friday, this is me signing off till next Tuesday.
Hope you have a happy Easter folks, and don't eat to much of the sweet stuff - you'll make yourself sick like i did last year on a enormous great white chocolate egg.

*for personal use only please, but of course you're all lovely so i know that won't be an issue

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