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Friday, 23 November 2012

More book illustrations & Summerhill Fair

Unfortunately i've not had a chance to post on here since last Friday. This was partly due to being busy with other stuff, but mostly because on Monday I woke up with what was probably Norovirus (or horror-virus as i've renamed it). Therefore was pretty much unable to move the whole of Monday and some of Tuesday without feeling or being very sick. Not good. Anyway thankfully i'm feeling much better now so its business as usual.

I meant to post these final few illustrations for the gift book mentioned in my post here on Tuesday morning but that nasty little bug wouldn't let me here they are today instead -

 One more thing to mention. I'll be doing a Christmas market on the 8th Dec in a very lovely place called Summerhill. Its a pretty little community tucked away in a suburb of Newcastle around 15 minutes walk from the City Centre. If you live in Newcastle and you've not heard of it you really should go and have a wonder through it as you kind of have to see this leafy hidden idyll to believe it. They even have their own website http://www.friendsofsummerhill.org.uk/
Anyway i'm really looking forward to it as i imagine it'll be a nice chilled out, cosy affair. Heres the poster for it -

Until next time :)

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