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Friday, 16 November 2012

Folksy Friday - Stocking up

Seeing as there is no getting away from the Christmas shopping madness I may as well get on board, so to get myself into festive shop mode today's post is a stocking filler special.

Let's face it most of us will hit an age (I hasten to add I already have) when Christmas presents become less about surprises and more about necessity. So instead of the unexpected bottle of perfume under the tree instead you'll find a new mouse for your computer which you sent your other 1/2 the link to on the internet 3 weeks prior...sad but true. Oh dear that sounds rather ungrateful, but its not meant to be.
Anyway my point is its always nice to give or receive surprises, so small, affordable and fun stocking fillers are a good way to do this without breaking the bank.
I've selected 10 suitably stocking sized items (5 for the XXs and 5 for the XYs) costing £5 or under.

The girly ones - 

The manly ones -

Happy shopping!


  1. What brilliant stocking filler ideas! Thanks so much for including my wee Bookworm :)

  2. Thank you Quernus crafts :)