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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

A tasty new project and a catch up

I'm back with my tail between my legs and apologies for going AWOL for a couple of weeks.

The good news i'm back with some interesting news!
Last year I did a post about my involvement in a calendar collaboration with 11 other artists. Unfortunately having left it a bit late last year there wasn't enough time to actually get the project going. This year however its 'Bait' is back and everything is good to go.
So to recap the project is to join forces with 11 North East based illustrators to produce a 2015 recipe calendar and accompanying exhibition.
I've just finished creating a blog from which all the collab related news will be shared. Please take a look and find out about the other illustrators involved -
Keeping with the Geordie food theme, this project is going to be 'Epic' as the Hairy Bikers would say.

On a separate foodie note, now that the summer is drawing to a close the work Dave put into the vertical veg project is paying off big time with a bumper harvest of runner beans and Trombone Squash (which are more like courgets than squash really).
Heres the obligatory Trombone pose with said squash -

Plus a small sample of the beans.

This is around about a fifth of the beans harvested so far. Theres now a bulk load of runners bagged up in the freezer.

In two days time we'll be jetting off to Malawi for over 2 weeks on a belated honeymoon.
WOOOOOOOO HOOOOOO!!!!!! Yep i'm just a little bit excited.
The next time I post i'm hoping to have lots of lovely photos to share and tales of our adventures. Check back at the beginning of Oct for the latest. Byeeeee!!

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