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Sunday, 14 July 2013

Catch up

Yes this means i'm back. I'm now a 'Mrs'.... Eeeek that sounds a bit too grown up - scary!

Its been almost a month since I last blogged and there is a lot of catching up to do, so over the next few weeks i'll sharing with you all the fun from 'Wedstock', our festival wedding and my many, many creations for the big day. First off, let me show you the ring:

Not sure yet about the whole changing name thing. Although I do quite like the sound of Lucy Webb over Lucy Farfort
. Many of our friends have gone down the double barreled route but we decided that our surnames really didn't fit together well enough - far too much of a mouthful.
I probably will change my name but it might take a while to get round to doing it...particularly as both Dave & I forgot to collect the wedding certificate. Doh! Thankfully the registrar gave it to Dave's dad to look after.

You can expect to see a lot of wedding related posts over next few weeks so soon you'll be well and truly sick of reading about it :)
In the meantime I want to mention some unexpected residents in our back yard several weeks ago. I desperately wanted to share this with you back in June but with preparing for the wedding i just didn't have time. I did though, take lots of photos so i could come back to it when I had time. Last year we had a blackbird ma and pa make their nest on top of a piece of wood in our back yard. What with their nest being next to where we store our kayaks the poor things didn't exactly get a lot of peace given that we had to move the kayaks in and out. However ma black bird endured and successfully fledged two little birdies.

We were pretty sure that given the noise last year, there was no way they'd be back this year, but we were wrong! In a yard we have an old, metal office style cabinet which we use for storing garden tools. The cabinet is situated under a sheet of corrugated plastic which forms a basic roof, sheltering part of the yard from the rain....yes the whole thing is pretty 'rustic' looking to say the least.
The space between the top of the cabinet and under the plastic roof acts like a greenhouse, so early in June Dave moved about 6 potted tomato plants up there to help them grow.
Anyway a couple of days later when he went to water them, much to his chagrin (now there's a word I don't get to use often), almost all the plants had been pulled out and carefully arranged into a single pot. Yes you guessed it, ma and pa blackbird were back and had decided to make a flower pot nest with the addition of the young tomato plants for some extra comfy green bedding! The remaining plants were swiftly moved away to somewhere safer.
Here are 3 of the 4 little hatch-lings in their flower pot nest:

Amazingly the blackbirds managed to get all 4 of their brood to fledge!

Once out of their pot the little chicks spent a few days in the yard testing out their wings before moving out into the big wide world. I managed to get some photos of the fluffy fellows -

Are they cute or what?!
I like to think they will all still be out there now and perhaps in a year or so's time this year's chicks will be making nests of their own.
Bye bye birdies!