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Friday, 20 May 2011

This week i have mostly...

Yay its Friday!!! Not that i have anything special planned for this weekend but it'll just be nice not to be at my computer 24/7. Although i'm sure i won't be able to resist doing some work and checking my inbox for emails - seeing as i've apparently developed on obsession with doing this lately.
Anyway this week i have mostly been designing logos. Two logos to be precise and i would lie to share them with you.

I was given the brief to produce a logo for a start-up business based in Florida called 'I Hope You Never Need It.com'. It will be a sister company to an already well established business there called 'Florida Flame'.
It is still under development but the basis of the company is a bag which contains everything you may need in an emergency situation - such as a mobile phone, water bottle, a bit of money - that kind of thing. The idea is that if you need to get out of the house fast and you don't have time to pack anything, such as in the event of an earthquake, tornado, fire, etc you can just grab this bag by the door and go. Its mainly for places in the world which suffer from a lot of natural disasters. Seeing as these seem to be occurring a lot lately they'll be a very welcome new product.

So with the business plan in mind i came up with the idea of basing my design around the fire exit 'running man' icon to get the message of across of an emergency situation across. It was quite tough coming up with a design which would be visually interesting and convey the message, but i think this works well.

Next up is a logo for a new handmade jewellery business called 'Forever After...' offering gorgeous vintage inspired pieces by Hollie Cable.
Hollie was very clear on the design she wanted - a blue bird on a crooked branch with a necklace hanging from it.

You can visit Forever After... jewellery on Facebook .
Hollie is currently in the process of setting up an Etsy shop so soon you'll be able to buy her lovely products from there too. I also created an Etsy banner from the logo design:

Well have a happy Friday everyone. I'm off to work on an illustration that has been bursting to get out of my head and onto paper for ages.

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